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AACI CRI Call for Abstracts

The AACI Clinical Research Initiative (CRI) Steering Committee is soliciting abstracts for the 10th Annual AACI CRI Meeting, July 11-12, 2018, in Chicago. This year’s meeting theme will focus on how AACI cancer centers are adapting to the rapid changes in conducting cancer clinical research. The purpose of the abstracts is to inform meeting attendees about clinical trials office challenges and solutions implemented at cancer centers.

Three abstracts will be selected for oral presentation at the meeting by the AACI CRI steering committee. Up to two authors of each abstract selected will receive complimentary meeting registration or a refund for a previously paid meeting registration. While AACI encourages collaboration with external organizations, only employees of AACI member cancer centers are eligible for complimentary registration.

All authors who submit abstracts are encouraged to present and discuss their findings, as a poster at the meeting.

Submission Requirements
1. The abstract's primary author must be from an AACI cancer center. Members from more than one center or organization may collaborate to submit an abstract. For both the primary author and co-author(s), please list full first and last names with credentials. If the primary author and co-author(s) are from different institutions, please indicate each investigator's institution using a superscript number.
For example: Authors:  Rachel Jones, MD1; Jill Smith, PhD2; Brandon Lee, MPH3
Institutions: 1Cancer Center A; 2Cancer Center B; 3Cancer Center C

2. You must use the AACI CRI Abstract Template for submission. The abstract word limit is 500 words, not including the abstract title, author and institution names, and abstract template section titles.

3. You may include within the abstract, one graphic element (e.g., a single photo, illustration, table or graph) no larger than one 8.5 x 11 page.

4. Please submit your abstract as Word document (not a PDF file) to AACI by emailing a completed AACI CRI abstract template to cri@aaci-cancer.org. All submitted abstracts should be ready for publication. Please include the first author’s last name and the abstract title in the file name.
For example:  Jones_Data_management_ work_flow_suggestions.docx

5. The abstract due date is 5:00 PM PST on Friday, April 20, 2018.

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Abstract FAQs
Why should I submit an abstract?
An abstract tells a story about how your center has addressed a clinical trials operational problem.  Since many AACI CRI cancer centers face similar obstacles, sharing your story helps promote practices leading to better efficiency and quality at other AACI cancer centers. 

Who can submit an abstract?
 AACI Members may collaborate with other centers or external organizations to submit an abstract.

What should I include in my abstract?
You must use the provided AACI CRI abstract template.
The template includes:
- Background of the problem
- Goals or metrics
- Solutions implemented
- Results or conclusions from the steps implemented (good or bad)
- Recommendations, lessons learned  or next steps

Do I have to use the AACI CRI Abstract Template?
Yes, the AACI CRI abstract template is required.

May I submit an abstract presented at a past meeting?
Yes, if the abstract was submitted for a prior AACI CRI Annual Meeting, the abstract must be significantly updated from the initial submission. For example, expansion of the projects, new/updated results, and/or completion of next steps.

Can I submit an abstract with research that is in progress/ interim analysis?
Yes, as with all abstracts, a description of data analysis helps to support your conclusions. However, if you are providing an abstract where the data analysis is not available but other findings can support your solutions the committee is interested in reviewing those abstracts as well.

How do I submit my abstract?
Submit your abstract by emailing your completed AACI CRI abstract template to cri@aaci-cancer.org.

Can I make changes to a submitted abstract?
No, submitted abstracts are final. Abstracts will be submitted for review in the format they are received, please make sure that it is a final version when you submit it to AACI at cri@aaci-cancer.org.

Are examples of other CRI meeting abstracts available for review?  
Yes, abstracts from the 9th Annual AACI CRI Meeting are available at: aaci-cancer.org/cri_meeting/2017_abstracts.asp and in the 2017 Abstract Book.

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Review Process
How are the abstracts scored and selected for presentation?  
Abstracts are evaluated by at least two reviewers from the AACI CRI Steering Committee using a peer-review process. Three abstracts will be chosen for presentation that address an issue that provides relevant solutions which can be shared or adapted by other AACI cancer centers.

When will AACI CRI notify applicants of their review outcome?
Abstract applicants will be notified in June 2018.

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Poster Session: Size, Format, Logistics
What is the size requirement for the poster?
Posters may not exceed 24” x 36” (portrait) or 36” x 24” (landscape).  Any poster larger than these dimensions will be difficult to display on the provided poster boards.

What format or program should I use to develop my poster?
You may format your poster using a program of your choice.  PowerPoint templates are available for landscape and portrait format.

How will posters be displayed?
Standard poster boards --24” x 36” (portrait) or 36” x 24” (landscape)-- will be provided. Posters will be secured to the boards using tacks (provided on-site). Posters are to be hung by the presenting author before the poster session and are to be removed by authors prior to the close of the meeting. 

Does AACI CRI require a hardcopy of my poster?
A hardcopy is not required. Any poster left at the end of the meeting will be discarded.

Do I need to submit an electronic copy of my poster?
Yes, an electronic version must be emailed to cri@aaci-cancer.org by 5:00 PM PST on Friday, June 29, 2018 to allow time to be included on the meeting website and to prepare meeting displays. Attendees like to view posters prior to the meeting. Please email a full size --24” x 36” (portrait) or 36” x 24” (landscape)-- version of your poster.

Are poster handouts required?
Although not required, handouts are recommended. Past meeting attendees have indicated that handouts are helpful for facilitating a discussion of your poster at the poster session. We recommend printing 75 copies.

What happens to my abstract after the meeting?
Abstracts and posters are published in a booklet that is distributed at the AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting, attended by cancer center directors, administrators, and physician clinical leaders. By submitting an abstract and poster you give AACI permission to publish your abstract and poster. To view the 2017 Abstract Book click here. Your abstract will also be available for review on the AACI CRI abstract/poster webpage for up to one year or until the next CRI Annual Meeting cri_meeting/2017_abstracts.asp.

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For more information please contact C.J. Confair.