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10th Annual AACI Clinical Research Initiative Meeting       July 11-12, 2018

Leveraging Change to Advance Cures for Cancer Patients

Adapting to changing landscapes is a daily task for cancer clinical trials programs. Stimulating the timely staging of clinical trials for optimal patient benefit requires the development of standard trial management guidelines and robust methods of evaluation. To improve clinical trials management at cancer centers, AACI’s Clinical Research Initiative’s (CRI)  annual meeting provides opportunities for clinical trials office administrative and medical directors and staff to share best practices – through peer-to-peer networking, collaboration and ongoing communication – that can lead to more effective cancer treatments.

CRI objectives include developing better methods for disseminating information across cancer centers, identifying and addressing clinical research challenges, and measuring progress. The CRI annual meeting program aligns with AACI's strategic goals of stimulating cancer center interactions to maximize the use of resources.  CRI participants fill a variety of leadership roles and possess a comprehensive understanding of their center's entire clinical trials system.

Meeting Objectives:
1. Address potential changes in eligibility criteria to close the gap on missed opportunities to enroll patients on clinical trials.
2. Discuss how clinical trials offices can prepare for natural disasters.
3. Describe the impact of revisions to the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant guidelines, including how they affect preparations for NCI site visits.
4. Create opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, collaboration and ongoing communications between clinical trials office administrative and medical directors.
5. Identify lessons learned in writing and running investigator initiated trials.
6. Highlight RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors) challenges and various implementation methods.
7. Determine how clinical research can influence clinical care.
8. Discuss how cancer centers are building relationships with network care sites to promote trial accrual, coordination and monitoring to ensure study compliance and accurate research data collection that aligns with study endpoints.
9. Explore the use of information technology platforms to facilitate research data collection, electronic regulatory record management, and the capture of clinical trial finances.

Who Should Attend This Meeting?
Clinical Trials Office (CTO) Administrative Directors
Clinical Trials Office Medical Directors
Senior Cancer Center Leaders with oversight of the Cancer Center CTO
Deputy/Associate Directors of Clinical Research Administration
Cancer Center Administrative Directors
CTO Managers and Supervisors
Administrators of the Cancer Centers Clinical Trial Management Systems
Regulatory Agency Employees
AACI Sustaining Members
AACI Corporate Roundtable Members
Representatives from Industry (e.g., drug development companies, IT technology software vendors, consultants, etc.)