British Columbia Cancer Center Joins AACI

The Association of American Cancer Institutes welcomes its second Canadian member, BC Cancer Agency, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Under the leadership of Malcolm J. Moore, MD, BC Cancer Agency provides cancer services to approximately five million people in British Columbia, with 25,000 new cancer cases per year. Its research ranges from basic molecular and genetic studies to epidemiological and clinical research on cancer prevention, early diagnosis, molecular characteristics of the cancer process and new treatments for cancer using drugs and radiotherapy.

The BC Cancer Agency’s first cancer treatment center (then known as the British Columbia Cancer Institute) officially opened in Vancouver on November 5, 1938. The agency includes six dedicated cancer centers across the province, the largest being in Vancouver. In 2000, the agency partnered with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, in Seattle, to create the Chinese Women’s Health Project that provides culturally competent outreach programs to increase cervical cancer screening rates among this population.

BC Cancer Agency’s mandate covers the spectrum of cancer care, from prevention and screening, to diagnosis and treatment, through to rehabilitation and research. Its mandate is driven by a three-fold mission:
• To reduce the incidence of cancer
• To reduce the mortality rate of people with cancer
• To improve the quality of life of people living with cancer