Call for Nominations: HPV Vaccination Champion Award

AACI, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Cancer Society—leaders in HPV cancer prevention—have partnered to establish an HPV Vaccination Champion Award to reinforce that HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention and to recognize HPV vaccination champions. Nominate clinicians, clinics, practices, groups, or health systems effectively working to protect their adolescent patients against HPV cancers by achieving high HPV vaccination rates among their young adolescent patients. Submit a nominee today.

The nomination deadline is September 15, 2017. Entrants may self-nominate or be nominated by others.

Champions will be selected based off the following criteria and considerations:
• Must be a clinician, clinic, practice, group, or health system that treats adolescents as a part of their overall patient population.
• Nominee must reach target series completion rate of 70% for the patient population aged 13–15 years.
• Rate must account for both female and male patients.
• Vaccination under the two-dose schedule (two doses given at least five months apart in children ages 9–14 years) satisfies series completion, as does the original three-dose schedule.
• Patient population size will be considered.
• Nominees who are protecting a greater number of children will be weighted heavier.
• Patient population is defined as patients who have had a clinical encounter with the nominee in the previous 24 months.
• Data provided via AFIX (Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange) can be used for nomination. Other data sources can include immunization information systems, electronic health record platforms, quality improvement initiatives, or performance measure systems, but that data must be validated by the state or local immunization program.

Champions will be announced in October 2017. They will be featured on CDC’s website and in the #PreteenVaxNews e-newsletter, will receive an HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion plaque, and may be recognized at local or national events led by cancer or pediatric health organizations.