LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes is Newest AACI Member

AACI welcomes its first new member of 2018, The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes (Institutes) at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. S. Gail Eckhardt, MD, is director. The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes was created in 2014 with a $50 million pledge from the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

The work of the Institutes builds on the knowledge gained from LIVESTRONG’s almost 20 years of unique work with cancer patients and survivors. LIVESTRONG’s survivor summits, survey data, community outreach, support programs, and direct navigation services are informing the innovative design of the Dell Medical School cancer clinics to meet the needs, preferences, and values of patients and their families, and to create a new model of cancer care for the country.

Reinventing cancer care is a primary goal of the Institutes at Dell Medical School (DMS). Every year in Texas, about 120,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, and 44,000 people – 120 a day – die from the disease. The impact on the health and quality of life of patients and their families is beyond measure. With the foundation, university, and Central Texas cancer care community as key partners, the Institutes aim to become a national hub for restructuring cancer care to improve outcomes and experiences for patients and their families.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes has an unparalleled opportunity – with a blank slate as part of the new DMS – to design a novel clinical cancer care framework, locally in partnership with community cancer care providers. We will take lessons learned in DMS clinics and adapt the best practices so that they can be nationally (and hopefully, internationally) disseminated and replicated through publications, presentations, and new business models.

The mission of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes is to radically improve people’s cancer experience and quality of life; revolutionize how we treat cancer; and reinvent the way cancer patients are cared for. The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes intend to work with the community to transform the cancer patients’ experience and by doing this discover approaches that can be exported locally and beyond.