AACI CRI Hosts Strategic Planning Meeting

The Clinical Research Initiative is one of the most successful programs AACI offers to its members and the engagement of the cancer centers is evidenced by the growth of CRI’s annual meeting from 75 attendees in 2009 to 335 in 2017.

As CRI approaches its 10th year, the time is ripe to reassess its goals to ensure that the initiative continues to meet the needs of the cancer centers and is contributing to the success of cancer center clinical research operations. To do this, AACI is developing a new five-year strategic plan for CRI.

AACI CRI executive leaders-AACI President Stanton L. Gerson, MD, AACI President-Elect Roy A. Jensen, MD, CRI Steering Committee Chair, Carrie Lee, MD, AACI Executive Director Barbara Duffy Stewart, and members of the AACI CRI Steering Committee-met this past November and drafted a strategic plan to guide the future activities of the initiative. Joseph V. Simone, MD, led the strategic planning effort. Implementation of the plan will begin in early 2018.

AACI CRI Strategic Plan and Goals:

1. Increase AACI cancer center participation in CRI.

2. Share cancer center clinical trial best practices through the collection and dissemination of benchmarking data.

3. Integrate CRI into AACI programs/initiatives.

4. Assist the centers in increasing patient engagement and enrollment into clinical trials.

5. Develop outcomes to drive change and advance cancer center clinical research programs.

6. Develop a training curriculum for new PIs and new CTO administrative directors.

7. Provide financial support for CRI.

For more information please contact C.J. Confair.